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Toyota Vitz Prices In Kenya


It is hard to talk about compact cars in Kenya without mentioning the Toyota Vitz.  This is because it’s one of the most popular compact cars in Kenya.  Furthermore, this car is popular because Kenyans love and trust the Toyota brand.  Toyota has managed to be the top automobile company in Kenya and around the world by keeping the end-user in mind when designing their cars.

Toyota Vitz Price in Kenya

Toyota Vitz may not be the most beautiful compact car we have seen from Toyota but it definitely ranks high in terms of efficiency, affordability, and handling. Its features make it one of the most preferred cars among Kenyans looking for a compact car that does not come with a scary price tag.  It is also one of the best cars you can buy if you are keen about fuel economy.

Although this car is small, it has ample cargo space and passengers have ample legroom.  Despite the fact that the car looks small from outside, you will be amazed by the amount of space it offers when you explore the inside.  Over the years, Toyota has improved the Vitz to create a more spacious interior.  Its great design makes it a popular choice among people looking for a stylish car for daily use that is affordable and fuel-efficient.  Its small size makes it a valuable car for use in the city where there is limited parking space because it can easily fit into small parking areas. 

Below, we take a look at the price of Toyota Vitz in Kenya. You will also find valuable information that will help you determine whether it is the best car for you.

Toyota Vitz Price in Kenya

Price of a second hand Toyota Vitz from Japan ranges from KSh.900,000 to KSh.1.1 Million. Like any other car, price usually depends on the year of manufacture and general condition of the vehicle.

As it was stated earlier in this article, Toyota Vitz is one of the most popular compact cars in Kenya. This vehicle gives value for money. It is one of the best cars you can buy if you are looking for a car that is reliable, easy to maintain, fuel-efficient and affordable.

You will get different quotes at different car yards. This is because second-hand car are never the same. Price of this car will always depend on the dealer you intend to buy from, the state of the car and the time it was manufactured.

Price of foreign used Toyota Vitz in Kenya

Year of ManufacturePrice
2010 KSh. 700,000 to KSh. 800,000
2011 to 2012KSh. 800,000 to KSh.900,000
2013 to 2014 KSh.900,000 to KSh. 1 Million
2014 to 2015 KSh. 1.1 Million to KSh. 1.3 Million

Price of Locally used Toyota Vitz in Kenya

Year of ManufacturePrice
2005 to 2007 KSh. 400,000 to KSh.500,000
2008 to 2009 KSh. 500,000 to KSh.600,000
2009 to 2011 KSh. 600,000 to KSh.800,000

Things you should know about Toyota Vitz

  • Toyota has been making the Vitz since 1999.  The Vitz has a few variants that include F Smile Edition, F Package, F limited and U Package. These variants have a lot in common and very few core differences.   
  • This car has ruled the compact market in Kenya. Its closest competition in the local market includes the Honda Fit and Nissan March.
  • The latest model of Toyota Vitz in Kenya comes with a 1 Liter petrol engine.  This car is very economical on fuel.  With it, you can get up to 30KMs/ liter or even more depending on your driving.
  • This car has other engine options. It has 1.3 liters ad 1.5 liters engine options.

Toyota Vitz Pros

  • It is affordable – This is one of the cheapest Sedans from Toyota available in the country.  Given its features, it is one of the best cars you can buy if you are on a tight budget.
  • Easy to maintain – This car is easy to maintain. Its spare parts are readily available in the Kenyan market. Furthermore, most mechanics are familiar with it and it won’t be hard to find someone to help you whenever you have a problem.
  • It is fuel-efficient – Are you looking for a fuel-efficient car? Don’t look any further. This is one of the cars with the best fuel economy in Kenya.
  • Easy handling – Despite the fact that it is a small car, it is pretty stable on the road.


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