Home Sound Systems LG home theater prices in Kenya

LG home theater prices in Kenya


LG is one of the top electronics brands in Kenya. When it comes to home theaters. LG is also one of the most trusted brands. This is because their home theaters offer quality sound, they are durable and often feature the latest technology. When you buy a home theater from LG, your Life’s Good – as far as entertainment is concerned.  LG has managed to build and maintain a good reputation over the years by consistently providing products of high quality.  LG is trusted not only in Kenya but across the globe.

LG Home Theater Prices In Kenya

LG home theater systems offer more than just quality sound.  They are the best of you are looking for durability, the latest technology, and ruggedness.  Home theaters from LG usually have unique features that make them stand out in the market.  An LG system will truly entrain you and your family and you will also be very helpful whenever you invite people over.  If you love music, and you are a fun of home theaters, it’s likely that you already know why LG is one of the most sought after brands in the Kenyan market today.  Furthermore, LG has many Home theater models in the Kenyan market.  Each model has something unique that may make it ideal for you.

LG home theaters have different features and that is why they come with different price tags.  They vary in size and the quality of sound they offer.  The latest LG home theater systems can connect to other devices via Bluetooth. This means you can connect such a system to your smart TV, phone or computer to enjoy high-quality sound.  With LG, you will not go wrong as far as sound quality is concerned.

Below, we take a look at the current prices of LG home theaters available in the Kenyan market.  You will also learn a few things about these sound systems that you probably didn’t know.

LG Home Theater prices in Kenya

LG is one of those brands associated with quality products as far as electronics are concerned. With LG, you are safe as far as quality is concerned.  This company has stamped its authority in the Kenyan market and it likely that it will remain one of the most trusted companies for a very long time to come. 

LG home theaters speak for themselves.  These systems come in various sizes and designs. They also have varying features.  That’s why the prices of LG home theater systems usually depend on what they offer. Some are very expensive while there are others that you can buy with as low as KSh15,000.  If you want top-quality sound, you should be willing to spend more money.  The year of production also has an effect on the prices of home theater systems. This is because LG always strives to improve its models with each passing year.

You can buy LG home theaters in electronics shops around the country, leading supermarkets and LG brand shops in major cities. You can also buy these home theaters online and have them delivered to your location.  You are likely to find the best deal online.

Below, we take a look at the prices of LG home theater models available in Kenya.

Model No. (Watts)Price
LG DH3140S 300WKSh. 19,945
LG LHD-427 330WKSh. 22,945
LG LHD627 1000WKSh. 30,995
LG LHD457 330WKSh. 32,995
LG HD647 1000WKSh. 35,995
LG LHD657 1000WKSh. 39,995
LG LHD-677 1000WKSh. 43,995

What you need to know About LG Home theaters

  • LG home theaters are affordable.  They are mostly cheaper than home theaters from other popular brands.
  • There are many LG sound system models in the Kenyan market.  More expensive ones offer better quality sound than cheaper ones.
  • As far as quality is concerned, LG home theaters are of sound quality. When you buy a sound system from this brand, you can be sure that it will serve you for many years without problems.
  • LG home theater systems have impeccable sound quality. They are among the best you can buy.  In addition, these sound systems can add a sense of class to any room because of their attractive designs.
  • The latest models of cheap LG home theaters also have the latest technology such as Bluetooth connectivity.

The Pros and Cons of LG Home theaters

The Pros

  • They are affordable – Well, LG home theaters are not the cheapest you can buy in Kenya, but they are more affordable compared to sound systems from other popular global brands in its class.
  • Great sound quality – Looking for clear quality sound? You can’t go wrong with LG.
  • Long-life – LG sound systems are durable. If you by LG, you are sure of long service without hitches.
  • Many options are available – LG has a high number of models in the Kenyan market. You will definitely find a sound system that fits your needs.

The cons

The higher the amount of money you spend, the higher the quality of sound you are going to enjoy.  There is a big difference in terms of sound quality between the expensive LG home theaters and the cheap ones.


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