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PriceOf.co.ke is s resource made to help Kenyans (and non-Kenyans) know the latest prices of goods and services they are looking for in the country.

We started this website in October 2019 after realizing here was a gap we could fill. We realized that Kenyans were looking for prices of various items and services online but they could not find updated information.  We also provide product and service details to ensure that visitors to this site find exactly what they are looking for.  If you are planning to buy a product, you will find its latest price on this site. This website is also meant to help people who are planning to buy something in the future plan. The prices will help you create budgets with the right figures.

Please note the PriceOf.co.ke does not sell any products.  We don’t have any services to sell either. What we basically do is provide the current product and service prices, compare prices of similar services and products as well give recommendations. We also recommend the best places to buy different goods and services.

In addition, we don’t just give prices and leave it there.  We also have product descriptions and give information about different services to help you make the right decision.  We want you to buy the product that suits you best.  This is the site that you should visit whenever you want to get the correct product details as well as the best prices.

We cover multiple categories, and we always strive to update prices. If you find information that is inaccurate or misleading, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always working hard to expand the website so that it covers more product and service categories. Our aim is to become Kenya’s most preferred website for people searching for product and service prices in the country.

Why we are the best

  • Our website is updated regularly – You will find the latest prices. You can trust the information that you are going to find on this site.
  • Our site is easy to use – We have placed different categories on the sidebar. We also have a search bar that you can always use to find what you are looking for fast.
  • We do more than just provide prices – We don’t just publish prices. We provide additional information to help you determine whether a given product or service is good for you.  We want you to make a good buying decision.